Shipping Info

Russian Air mail

All the items you won will normally be dispatched within 24 hours by Russian Airmail which will take 7-21 working days. The arrival time depends on different areas in the world:
US, Canada and UK: 14-21 working days;
Other areas of Europe: 7-14 working days;

However, virtually all post offices that offer international airmail services do not guarantee delivery time for Airmail parcels, the delivery time is provided for reference only.


We will ship item to your PAYPAL Verified Confirmed Address only, if there is NO special instruction.
Sometimes the package will be delayed 1-2 weeks by the reason of the flights and custom issues. So please do NOT buy if you disagree with the shipping time. So, please don’t open any dispute in 21days, because the item may appear at your door the next morning.


How to Online Trace Your Order

Customers from the following countries and regions can receive the live arrival status of their orders online, when the packages arrive at their countries and regions. Here are some of the sites for tracking arrival information:

Russian Post

United State of America

United Kingdom



If your order shows your item has shipped and no tracking information is available, please rest assured that your order is on its way. Live tracking is only available after the carriers have a chance to initially scan the package. Between the time the item leaves us and the time it is scanned, tracking numbers may not show any results. For Airmail and Registered Airmail packages, it takes 3 to 5 working days for postal tracking to show online. Sometimes, the Airmail ONLY show the arrival date online. If no tracking information sometimes, please just be patient and most of items will arrive in 21days.



We charge each order as per the weight of the package, this charge is shown in your shopping basket based on what you are ordering. You will always know at checkout the shipping charge incurred.
Maximum Petit Paquet weight 2000gr.

How Weight Affects Prices

weight (gr.) price ($)
0-100 6.00
100-250 7.99
250-500 12.00
500-1000 19.90
1000-2000 33.00


Maximum parcel weight 12000gr.

How Weight Affects Prices

weight (gr.) price ($)
2000-3000 48.00
3000-4000 56.00
4000-5000 66.00
5000-6000 73.00
6000-7000 82.00
7000-8000 92.00
8000-9000 102.00
9000-10000 120.00
10000-11000 130.00
11000-12000 140.00

If any of the above is not clear then please Contact Us